Electronic Waybill Registry (EVR) Information System

The EVR (Electronic Waybill Registry) consolidates electronic waybills created in various software into a unified registry. EVR consists of an application programming interface (API) and a user interface - an environment where actions related to waybills/orders can be performed


Signing a Contract

  • Please sign an EVR Contract with the Estonian Forest and Timber Association (EMPL).
  • Send the signed contract to: info@empl.ee
  • Registration will be confirmed within 2 working days. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address in the contract.

    Log into the Admin System

  • The person designated as the main user in the contract can log in to the Admin account using Mobile ID, Smart-ID, or ID card.
  • Log in to the Admin system EVR Admin, where you can generate software security keys (API-KEY) for your company.
    NB! The security key (API-KEY) is displayed only once; otherwise, it needs to be regenerated.

    Activate Order and Waybill Software (EVR Login)

  • You need the software key generated in the Admin system (see the previous point).
  • Activate your company's Login software here: Create an Organization Account
  • After registration, you will receive an email with a password.
  • Log in to the EVR Login page using your personal ID-code and password.
  • If you are already a user of another organization, you won't receive a new password. When you log in, you will have the option to choose which organization's account you want to access.
  • In the EVR login page you have the ability to add additional users to your company's account.

    Using the EVR Software

    How to create transport orders and electronic waybills:

  • Direct integration from the company's own information system (ERP) is supported
  • Use a free simple EVR login (for smaller quantities and personal usage). A user guide can be found HERE.
  • You can also use proffesional softwares provided by third parties
  • Receiving waybills:

  • Direct integration from the company's own information system
  • Use proffesional softwares provided by third parties

  • Software by Third Parties

    In addition to the free user interface, you can also use:

  • Deskis Langihaldus lank.ee - for material owners and transport companies
  • Timbertrade vaheladu.eu - for material owners and transport companies
  • Deskis sihtkohas.ee - for sawmills and other timber and biomass reception

    Frequently Asked Questions About Using EVR

    EVR Admin user guide
    EVR Login user guide

    EVR technical support help@veoseleht.ee
    Deskis Langihaldus (lank.ee) technical support info@lank.ee
    Timber reception software (sihtkohas.ee) Technical Support info@sihtkohas.ee
    Timbertrade (vaheladu.eu) technical support www.vaheladu.eu